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U-TillOne Premium is the new desktop Smart Checkout develop by Yougo for the needs of Retail market.

With the UTillOne Premium the product range gain a smart checkout solution where the focus is the security of the notes & coin management inside the device.
It’s a compact notes & coins recycler and can fit to any desk of retails Point of Sales. It can be placed is the same place of the cash register in front of the customer or vice versa in front of the cashier.

The UTillOne Premium is an IoT intelligent till that accept, validates and dispenses banknotes & coins and that allow to close the loop with backoffice with the carrying trays.
The cash will always balance even when working with multiple employees.
Electronics and mechanical locks permit to keep save the cash inside the device at different level of security.

  • Makes payments verifying authenticity of coins and notes and gives change in notes and coins
  • Cash is always safe: money is locked inside and never on show or reachable by possible thieves
  • Makes transactions faster and saves time when closing cash
  • No mistakes when giving change
  • You can see in the display the payment status in real time

The U-TillOne Premium is integrated with Yougo Software Platform – U-Money Ctrl that has access to all the functions of SAME DAY CREDIT and REAL TIME REMOTE CONTROL.
Together with UTillOne Premium, Yougo provide a software platform that allows EASIER INTEGRATION WITH THE MOST OF MODERN CASH REGISTER SOFTWARE, thus making the device a good solution suitable for everyone

• Touch screen 7.0”
• Internal PC board with IoT
• Banknotes recycling and storage module positioned into the safe. Both are mechanical locked
• Coins recycling and storage module positioned into the safe. Both are mechanical locked
• Storage box can also be used to move banknotes inside the store or if placed in a sealed envelope to be brought
outside the store by CIT.
• Strong Box 3mm with electromechanical door lock for remote opening

• Accepts 1ct, 2ct, 5ct, 10ct, 20ct, 50ct, 1€ e 2€
• Change quickly: 3-12 coin per second
• Speed deposit: 12 coins per second
• Payout speed: 3-12 coins per second
• Max capacity of 2300 coins: – 1500 for recycler and drawer
– 800 for cash box

• Notes accepted 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€, 200€ e 500€
• Notes for usage and change: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€, 100€, 200€ e 500€
• Soon version for Mexican Pesos currency
• Strong Box 3mm
• Acceptance speed: 3 sec if notes goes to cashbox and 6-10 secs to recycler
• Capacity: 70 notes for recycler (possible the escrow via sw)/500 into cashbox (opt. 1000)
The cashbox and coinbox are carrying trays under lock that they can be safely move in retail secure area or even collect by CIT.
Dimensions 310 x 400 x 600 mm (L x P x H)
Weight 38kg

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