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Case Study

CASH-IN YOUGO have been designed to accommodate application platforms of the cash digitization service in total safety and become real cash POS. In fact, depending on the platform, all or part of the following advantages can be achieved:

Accessibility from any device

The software platform is often a real cash management tool, possibly in the cloud, through which data relating to all transactions and all events that have occurred are sent. Access to data is easy and safe, at any time, from any place, using any device.

Instant digitalization

It allows the dematerialization of cash in real time at the time of payment, also reducing potential risks associated with long time contact with banknotes.

Customization and Integration

The Yougo Cash-In modules are systems that can be used in any point of sale and with any existing cash platform. In the most advanced configurations, credits can be made at any bank, without opening a dedicated account.

Payment control

Through an online dashboard it is possible to monitor receipts even for retail chains with multiple points of sale. In the most advanced solutions it is possible to have a complete view of all payment systems (e.g. credit cards, digital wallets, alternative payments).

Safety and reliability

The Yougo Cash-In guarantee maximum security in the deposit, the recognition of doubts banknotes and ease of use for the user. The machines and their cash deposits inside are insured by the supplier.

Risk reduction

Optimization of the cash management process in maximum security which reduces the risk of money theft. The responsibility belong is in any case to the service provider from the moment the cash has been deposited inside the cash-in

Real-time credit to the current account

The banknotes deposited in the Cash-In can be credit in real time to the bank account or within a maximum of two working days at any banking institution.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor all the receipts of each store in real time from a single dashboard. It’s simple and immediate thanks to YOU-CLOUD