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U-ONE 1200

Intelligent deposit Cash-In system by YOUGO

  • ONE of the Smallest Smart Safe on the market
  • ONE by ONE high speed validation counting and deposit cash with a stacking system
  • ONE touch cash handling from the customer to the bank

U-One is a smart safe designed to be positioned in a traditional retail either at the cash point (POS) or in a back office. U-One helps the cashier in the validation of banknotes, avoids mistakes during the counting and reduces / eliminates the need to interrupt trading to perform manual skims.
The banknotes are validated, counted, stored and stacked, with 100% accuracy, in a heat-sealed security tamper evident bag designed by YOUGO.
The innovative software platform Camaleonte by Yougo allows the real time remote control of every transaction & event, by standard browser.
With Camaleonte software platform is also possible to get Same-Day Credit: deposited amounts can be accredited to the bank account during the same working day for a better operating cash-flow.
U-One is divided into two parts, Top and Safe, the Top validates and counts the banknotes, that when they pass in the safe change ownership: only those authorized can open the safe and take the sealed bag.
U-One comes with different versions starting from U-One 600 store capacity up to 600* stacking notes, U- One 1200 store capacity up to 1200* stacking notes, U-One 2000 store capacity up to 2000* semi-stacking notes, U-One 5000 store capacity up to 5000* semi-stacking notes.


YOUGO 1- Single banknote validation
-1-2 b/s
-Reject banknotes doubtful (ECB Legislation)
-Currencies: EUR, CHF, MXN, USD, YGO, altre su richiesta

4.3″ touchscreen display can be used as a mini console in offline applications: user identification, counting, deposit, opening and closing safe

PC Board: Internal for the IoT interface

Optional: GPRS interface

Power Supply Internal

Optional: External Thermal Printer 60mm to print receipt and barcode
External Barcode Reader to read barcode 1D printed on the bags and to read badge card from users


Storage System: Sistema di impilamento in sacco termo saldato, anti manomissione. Designed by Yougo

Closing and Sealing bag system: the system automatically seals (heating it) the bag before the opening of the safe. Designed by YOUGO

Bags capacity: 600* notes – 1200* notes – 5000*

Dimension/Weight: (1200) 184 X 444 x 492 mm (W x D x H) / 26 kg
Dimensioni/Weight: (1200 con Rialzo) 184 X 444 x 762 mm (W x D x H) / 32 kg
Dimensioni/Weight: (5000) 254 X 403 x 880 mm (W x D x H) / 42kg

guarantee for Euro flat & fit

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