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The Fast Bundle Smart Safe deposit system with a Bundle note (5-6 bn/s) validator and capacity to store up to 4000 FREE-FALL banknotes in a security bag with 6mm Strong Box safe.
U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART  is with an “IoT system” that can be easy connected remotely by LAN.
U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART keeps all the innovative Yougo technologies, high performance and strong security but with an eye to a market which require simple configurations

Yougo introduces U-Bundle 4000 SMART that combines Yougo best technology in speed, ergonomics and strength. The U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART is the ideal product for fast deposit thanks the proven Yougo bundle deposit system. The U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART has been design to be installed where the space is little but there is the necessity to store up to 4000 banknotes.

U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART comes from the U-BUNDLE series that has been successful sold in thousands of units in the world.

The U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART is compact and able to solve active and passive security tasks on the data transmission:

From the top side there are integrated the Validator and the innovative U_GO SECURITY BOX (Special Option). This makes the system anti-tampering.

U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART, like all Yougo’s Cash-In is equipped with a Validator ECB certified – design by Yougo.  

The system is equipped with an IoT – PC board to monitoring the device remotely by Yougo Camaleonte platform.

Main Technical Specifications

Note validation function
Multi currency deposit
Yougo – ECB certified – BUNDLE entry 5-6 banknotes/sec
Yes, with reject of doubtful banknotes (ECB) in reject slot
Yes (optional)
Certified currenciesEUR, USD, MXN, CHF
Display7.0” touchscreen with online remote and offline functioning
Software platformU-Money-Control “OnBoard” with Multi-Language
PCWin 10 IoT
Remote management system(optional)
Yes, remoting management by Yougo’s Camaleonte platform
Software, Firmware, Template, data import and export.
Thermal printerIntegrated with 57mm paper roll
Bar code readerIntegrated
Banknotes deposit systemFree Fall Yougo’s system in heat-sealed anti manumission bag. Designed by Yougo
Maximum deposit capacity4000 banknotes*                                         * Tested with Euro currency
Bag Sealing System OptionHeat Sealing system by Yougo Ionizer system for polymer banknotes
LockElectric lock with security code, programmable for joint opening
Option 1 Option 2
Strong Box  6mm
Slot on the front door for envelop with anti-fishing system
GPRS with integrated antenna
Machine certificationCE, ROHS
Yougo’s validator certificationsECB
Nominal frequency
AC 100V-240V
Dimension Weight396mm x 998mm x 658mm (W X H X L) 140 Kg
Conditions of use
15-32°C (60°F a 90°F)     Storage: -5°C / +70°C (23°F / 158 °F) 20% a 80% no-condensate

U_GO SECURITY BOX is the innovative and exclusive security system develop by Yougo. The security system is available for all Yougo products and it’s smartly integrated to obtain top-security in data trasmission protection and to phisycally protect the system (optional).

U_GO SECURITY BOX characteristics:

  • Anti-Tampering Report and Real-Time Alert due intrusion
  • PC – HardDisk Encryption with TPM
  • Data communication through Yougo portal protected with MD5 cryptography
  • Modem GPRS and System Sensors Network for Real-Time Alert in case of system intrusion.
  • Rechargeable battery to keep alive the system in case of power off to continue the data communicate with portal for long time.
  • Strong metal box with inside U_GO SECURITY BOX to have top protection and security from intrusion

Download U-BUNDLE 4000 SMART PDF brochure