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iCash100 – Family of Yougo New Generation Cash-In is growing!

    Bollengo (TO), 04-06-2024

    Following the success of last week presentation of new iCash25 Cash-In with the New iVal Validator – ECB Certified – we are now introduce: iCash100

    This is Yougo new generation of Cash-In.

    iCash100  – High speed processing system at 6 banknotes/sec with Drop-In Feeder.  It’s a completely new system from Validation with CIS, Transport and Deposit process. Cash is stored in Secure Yougo Bag with stacking – semi stacking – free fall way and Heat Sealed.

    It sets the standard in terms of innovation, High Performance, flexibility, long life cycle, easy maintenance and overall costs.

    The iCash100 uses the new Yougo module “iValBulk” able to feeding banknotes in bulk, Validate, Counting, Accept and Reject. iValBulk is an unmatched quality and robust module available also for integrators looking to develop own cash management device.  

    iValBulk”  module use the New Yougo “iVal” Validator – ECB certified – with high speed processing system at 6 banknotes/sec and able to capture and recognize banknotes images and serial numbers

    Suitable for HIGH volume cash deposit thanks the high speed drop-in feeder. Ideal in critical applications such us in countries where climatic conditions and the quality of the banknotes create handling tasks in most of the cash-in.

    The access inside of the iCash100 has been developed to make intervention by the user and the technician effective and fast for routine maintenance.