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U-Bundle REAR is the “through the wall” version of U-Bundle that allow two different accesses with the wall in the middle: one side is for the banknotes deposit by users and one side for the bag collect by CIT. The banknotes deposit by the users can be done from own office while the full bag can be collect by the CIT from another secure room or from front-road.

U-Bundle REAR, is designed with two different strong and secure terminals placed each on one side of the machine and divided by a wall. The first terminal is authorized for deposit operations only and the other one for CIT collect.

The validation module of the U-Bundle REAR is the well-known and reliable of the U-Bundle family , granting the same accuracy in banknotes recognition.

Like all Yougo’s cash-in products, U-Bundle REAR is equipped with an IoT PC board and can be monitored remotely by Yougo Camaleonte platform.

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